Unipal International Ltd, Co…

UNIPAL is one of the most innovative technologies in the pallet and
packaging industry, and certainly without comparison within the corrugated
pallet industry.
Unipal International, Ltd. Co. is working with Swift Commodities (Pty)
to bring these innovative technologies to Africa to cater for a transformational
market that has arisen due to regulatory, industry, and global economic changes and green initiatives.
UNIPAL technology alone provides for a superior product that is strategically
positioned to meet evolving industry and global market demands. This successful technology can be used to create an entire product line of corrugated “Transportation Platforms,” Pallets, Crates, and other Unique Packaging or Value Added Solutions for shipping and storage.

Unipal Products

Have been in use for more than a decade in international shipping (air, sea, rail and land) and Have demonstrated lower shipping costs vs wooden & plastic pallets. Typically result in freight savings ranging from 1,300 to 2,000 lbs per full trailer. They absorb shock & vibration, minimizing damage to the product and are available in water resistant configurations. With Unipal pallets you can benefit from the following…

  • Light weight pallets, approximately 25 % of wooden pallets.
  • Compliant with ISPM15, no fumigation no heat treatment.
  • Versatile pallets from 24″x16″ (600mm x 400mm) to 75″x60″ (1900 mm to 1530 mm)
  • 100 % recyclabe and able to be made from paper.


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“We’ll use less fuel and it’ll be possible for us to carry more freight,… we’ll save a lot of money, millions of euros…” Gijsbet Woelders, vice president of worldwide operations for KLM Cargo.