Company overview

We are a trading company that assists buyers to source good quality goods and services at an agreeable price. We also assist sellers to find target markets and buyers for their goods. Although our services are offered at a global level, our company has got a strong, historically grown footprint within the Tanzanian/South African trade.

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A little bit more about us

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Being founded by a Tanzanian and a South African, the company was naturally pulled towards building a better trade relationship between the two countries. Although there are already strong trade ties between the two countries. We, at Swift Commodities, believe that the local traders are not benefiting from this as much as they should and the flow of business might be a little bit one sided. This is where we come in. While most agents are focused on big deals that are more lucrative and profitable, we are willing to enable the majority, small to medium sized businesses, manufacturers and producers.

Swift Commodities is a place for you to come when you are looking to either buy or sell between the two countries. We are however, not limited to products and services within just Tanzania and South Africa. One of our strengths lies with having a team (meet our team here) that has been sourcing for South African businesses for years. They are now ready to share their expertise and contacts with you.

At Swift Commodities we have the ability to search and find the best prices and quality from around the world for you. Our attention on quality goods and services cannot be over emphasized. Over the years, the Tanzanian import market has been flooded with commodities of inferior quality. We understand that this is an issue the Tanzanian government is trying to strongly address at the moment and in playing our part at Swift Commodities we intend to make sure that the products we deliver are on par with the government’s standards.


Our Vision

It is our vision at Swift Commodities to build a strong high-tech network of small to medium sized businesses. A network where the parties are well informed and up to date with relative information, techniques and technology that can enable them to stay competitive in today’s business environment.

We intend to build a network of information that will be readily available to the members of the network. Armed with this information they will then be able to make better decisions and explore possibilities awaiting them out there. This will be targeting businesses and comapnies that might have previously strggled to gain access to such information.